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We’ve been here 4 months now and while it has been quite a challenge, I can honestly say there has been this underlying since of grace during this season—but that’s not to say there weren’t a fair share of hairy days/weeks/month, periods of complete exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, and plenty of not so pretty mama + wife moments. Ahem…

Sidebar: According to the Holmes and Rahe stress test based on life events and transitions (i.e. having baby, moving, changing jobs). We scored 380. 300+ means you are at high risk for becoming mentally ill. (insert big-eyed emoji). I'm not sure if its really helpful at all to take it, but at least it gives a little validity to losing my mind some days. (you can take the test here. Or don't.)

I'm not sure if I've transitioned well (if you will) in a lot of ways, but the grace of God has abounded beyond my little limited mind could comprehend. I feel like we're starting to get our head above water a little bit and are finally starting to find a little rhythm. Oh, and Jeremy LOVES what he does. Glory!

I'm not sure how long it will take until we feel settled. We talk about it a lot—what it takes to feel settled. Time. Just time. But truly, we have made some of the greatest friends already, and the people here are just so welcoming, kind, and Southerny sweet. My fave. 

And a little more change to add to the mix...

I went back to work.

A few weeks ago, I pulled my stethoscope out of the toy box, wiped the dust off my Danskos and went back to work for the first time in almost 2 years (outside the home). I am super grateful for this very part-time job that kind of fell in my lap. I won't expound a whole lot on that, but I think for now, this will be a really good thing for our family. (I'm working at a surgery center.)

Insert awkward work bathroom selfie. You're welcome.

Little Miss is crawling and pulling up. Don't you wanna just put her in your pocket? She's saying "Da Da" which I like to think is in response to Jeremy, but it's up in the air. She has a passion for peaches and her brother. Melt me.

And this one... just getting more and more fun. And exhausting... (but more fun.) The things that come out of his mouth usually follow a, "where did you hear that?" or "how did you know that?" All usually hilarious. My favorite thing he's been saying lately is, "I have an idea..." then runs off. Love. 

Aaand, a few things I'm loving right now: 
(because who doesn't love sharing their favorites?) 

  • She Reads Truth App: If you're looking for a way to study + read God's word, this is such an amazing resource. And they give your adorable home screen savers like this:

  • Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe. Such a shot in the arm for anyone who's thought, I can't be a mom today. Which is all moms. It's letters back and forth from a younger mom to an older more seasoned mom (her mentor) in response to her exhausted, weary mama heart. So sweet. {click here to read more


  • Essential Oils, still: This weekend Jacob got stung by something (wasp, bee, hornet? I barely saw it). It was the saddest most pitiful thing. His finger started swelling and his arm started turning pink, so I went all nurse mom mode, trying to stay calm. Did a quick search and found that Apple Cider vinegar as well as Lavender, and of course ice, decrease the swelling and pull out the poison. Purification was also recommended but I ran out and used Basil, another anti-inflammatory. (I'm sure there are a lot of oils you can use for a sting). We kept an ice cold rag soaked in the things above on his tiny hand, and it was back to normal in about an hour. Not fun. {read more about EOs here} (I did send Jeremy out for some baby Benadryl just in case we needed it for a severe allergic reaction.) 

  • Whoa, Wait, Walmart? : A site that posts all the cuter, surprisingly good finds from the Big Box. One of my FAVES is this work-out shirt. I got every color and you should too. I'm still grieving the loss of Target, but making due with what we have... (also their Instagram page is great). 

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  1. whoaa.. #1 you are looking wonderful! #2 you went back to work! #3 I think I'm going to have to slowly get used to walmart too!