Labor Day + Sept Goals


We had such a sweet time this weekend with my side of the family at my parent’s lake house. Since we all live in 3 different places, we only get together a few times a year—and when we do, it is CRA-ZY. (crazy fun of course). 

 8 little ones under 6. We were a little scared how it would all go down, but all things considered, it was just so so sweet and grace filled. We even got to enjoy a little grown-up time because for the first time in 6 years, they were able to go play by themselves (jumping on the beds + making forts + coming up with skits for us). The conversations around the kids' table and the little giggles from upstairs were just about the cutest, sweetest thing I’ve heard. It was probably the most fun they had all Summer.  

I have a feeling that the memories made at The Lake with their
 cousins will be some of their favorites for years to come. Even though it may be a little bit of work (and a tad bit of drama), there's nothing quite like family. 

And a few goals for the month:
{because my goal for the year was to set goals...}

I’ve been a little all over the place the last few months with really thinking through and being intentional about my own goals and family goals, but I feel like its time to start getting back into a rhythm and making some stuff happen. To me, "goal" is just a fancy word for "plan". So here’s a little peak into a few things we’re trying this month.

1. Kids to bed by 7: We were pretty lax this summer with bedtime, most nights its been 8:30 (or 9) before we were all tucked and settled in. That left NO time for Jeremy and I to really be together (alone) because come 9:05, I was mentally, emotionally, physically exhausted. So we’re really determined to get our evenings back.

2. Plan to eat: Mama needs to get her ducks in a row again and start cooking more. Summer has gotten us a little off our (real food) game, so I’m ready to get back to making snacks, healthy meals, and not feeling frazzled come 5pm because the only thing I have to feed my family is Annie's pasta and some frozen chicken nuggets (though a delicious meal…) I’ve started a little weekend routine I started and I’m loving it. Grocery lists, early Saturday morning shopping, and a plan for all meals and snacks (not forgetting the weekends. Why I always forget the weekends?). Its not fancy, but a plan just makes my week go a lot better.

3. Plan 2 Getaways: One for our family and one for Jeremy and I before the Holiday craziness starts. This is so much easier said than done, but we've decided they're both extremely important and necessary.

4. Fight for my Mornings: By myself, in the quiet, with Jesus. I need a whole hour.  I’ve talked about it before and its always been a deep deep desire of mine, but its ALWAYS been a struggle. I’ve been consistently getting up early for going on 2 weeks now, and my goal is keep up the little momentum I’ve got. Not out of religiosity or to check if off my list, but because I actually really enjoy it, and need it. (a little post about all that to come.)

5. Read Good News for Weary Women: I absolutely LOVED her other book (talked about it here). It was chock full of grace and the gospel, so I know this one is going to be such a shot in the arm as well. Just the title and subtitle get me fired up—Escaping the Bondage of To-Do Lists, Steps, and Bad Advice. Yes please. 

Happy almost Fall, Friends! 
Its so close I can almost smell the pumpkin spice candles (and Pumpkin spiced latte, of course.) 

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  1. I hear ya on so many of these! Ruthie is getting so big and gorgeous. Glad to see more posts from you :)