Last week we were able to go on a family vacation for the first time—just our little family.  
Jeremy has a mild obsession with all things Smoky Mountains and Appalachia, so his perfect destination was a little cabin in Gatlinburg. (I would have picked the beach, but he trumped me with the closeness and price).  
Since the whirlwind of moving and taking over a business, I have been longing for a trip and getaway.  5 days—not having an agenda or feeling like we need to do the next thing, just rest. 
We celebrated Jacob’s 3rd birthday, threw rocks in gorgeous creeks, survived Dollywood, and spent a whole lot of time in the little pool (hot tub) on our cabin porch. 
It doesn’t get much better than that now.

Its easy for the days to all run together sometimes, and before you know it, another week has passed and its seems like forever since you’ve really soaked up a good chunk of uninterrupted time as a family. 
I think for me, a geographical change helps me slow down and get a little clearer, new perspective. Having conversations on porch swings and long car rides and being able to take a big step back and look at how God is working and moving seems like it comes a lot easier when we get away from the every day world and routine. (Shoot, some days just walking to the mailbox gives me some fresh perspective.)
Was it restful? Physically, not really. Trips with children are always a toss up. There are moments it seemed like it was more work than it was worth—the kids didn't sleep well and we got sick the first day or so, but somehow it was still so sweet and just what we needed.  

I feel like our trip was a little Ebenezer of God’s faithfulness to our family. A time to stack some stones and take a super intentional look back at the Lord's goodness and mercy and all He has done. We celebrated His bringing us in his perfect timing to Tennessee. For providing a community + job that we love, and for blessing us with a son 3 years ago after desperately praying and desiring to start a family. 

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