Raw Chocolate Cookies

Raw Chocolate Cookies {that taste good}
  • Raw Nuts (any kind you have, I used cashews/walnuts) 
  • 10-15 Pitted Dates (I buy mine at Costco, but you can order them here
  • 1/2 cup Nut Butter (I used Raw Almond butter)  
Throw in Food Processor until moist. Add a little water or extra nut butter to soften consistency. (I actually never measure any of the ingredients out, I just get the taste and consistency the way I like.) Pack into small balls, flatten, and place on cookie sheet. Freeze over night. 
Remove from cookie sheet and put in gallon sized bag. Store in freezer. Let thaw for a few minutes before serving. This is pretty messy, so I try and make a LOT so that I don't have to do it often. (also, if you cannot get pitted dates, just take a sharp knife and cut them out). 

These have been such a favorite in our home. Jeremy keeps a little box of them at work and I leave them on the bottom shelf of the freezer so Jacob can grab one whenever he wants. (giving him a little independence…). Its nice to have a cookie thats yummy, and I know is super nourishing. (click here for my other very similar Raw Power Bite recipe.) I know dates sound and look kind of gross, but they are really sweet and if you can get past the texture, they're really good for you! (and claim to help with pregnancy and labor...)

If you don’t have a food processor, you're kind of out of luck. (a blender won’t work) It would be worth it to invest in one, I think— Mine is literally from the 70s and works great. Get one from a yard sale or Craigslist.


(and if you're into food labels, these are Vegan and Gluten-Free)

And lately in pics...

 We love when Grammie comes to town!
Jake the Pirate
First time to the shop for my sis and brother in law. so sweet! 
A little "hike" up to Bee Rock
First selfie. She loved it. 

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