lately in (better) pics + cameras for dummies

Instead of a push present of diamond earrings or sentimental necklace—when I had Jacob, I asked for a DSLR camera (for the non-Southerners, that's a present from your husband when you have your baby and for the non-camera folks, its the complicated, big-girl camera).

3 years have passed (ahem..), and I’m finally learning how the heck to (sort of) use it.

I’ve been dabbling on Pinterest for any “DSLR for Beginners” info. There really are some great resources, its just a matter of spending the time doing and teaching myself. So for now I’m just using automatic settings and putting it either on “No flash” (because I love natural light) and for my little never-stop-moving munchkins, the fast shutter speed (the one with the little running man).

I know, I know—manual settings are WAY better, and you pros are definitely chuckling at my amateur-ness,  but I’m just excited I’m getting some decent shots on something other than my iPhone (although, we all know iPhones can take a dang good pic…)

I asked my pro photographer friend what lens would be worth the money, give me really good shots, and not break the bank. She recommended the:


The only catch is there is NO zoom, its just a fixed distance (don't think this is the right photography lingo…) But it has made a HUGE difference. Everything is super clear and super bright.  I bought it a year or so ago, then got pregnant again and the camera has been in its case ever sense.

The only editing I sometimes do is I increase the “exposure”—aka brighten it and play with the saturation a little (thats on iPhoto). I know there are a lot of really fun filters you can get and blah blah, I’m just not there yet.

So here ya go.  I realize all my pics are of my kids—and looking back I’m also realizing I’m in like 2% of all pictures ever taken. I try to ensure that my children know they had a mother when they grow up and look back at pics. Even if its not a great pic, they at least knew what I looked like.

I'm aware these still may look just as good as my iPhone pics, but at least I'm trying, right?

We have a the basic Nikon DSLR.

 J insisted we get a posed picture of Doggy—he wouldn't look at the camera

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