My Favorites Right Now

I'm a little obsessed with knowing what my peoples' Favorites are—Restaurant. Movie. Essential oil. Book. Cleaning trick. Shampoo. Vacation. Running Pants. Vitamins. Go-to Meal. Its kind of like they did all the research for me and I have the go ahead without all the guess work. And usually, their favorites become my favorites. So here are some of my current loves. Maybe they'll become yours too!?

The Yeti Rambler Tumbler:
Best Dirty Santa gift ever. Cold drinks, hot drinks— this baby keeps it the way you want for HOURS if not DAYS. Its like magic. No more being annoyed in the morning because your delicious, piping hot coffee got ignored yet again and you need to reheat it 20 times. (here's the best price I could find online).

Dad is Fat:
This is laugh-out-loud funny. If you are in the parenting of littles stage you will love it even more. Jim continues to be Jeremy and my favorite. When life gets a little too serious we re-watch his standup until our faces hurt. 2015 goal: laugh more. When did I become so serious? (get it here)

Botanical Journals:
I've been looking for the perfect journal for the new year, and landed on these lovelies from Anthropolgie. They're the perfect size and weight for a gratitude journal or to pair with a candle and pretty up a side table. (I snagged them for half price on amazon.)

Thieves Cleaner: 
Essential Oil-lover or not, this is my favorite product Young Living sells. I clean everything with it—kitchen, toilets, windows, floors, and even my produce. I got tired of spending $6 a bottle for the fancy cleaners (and a little too lazy to do the DIY homemade cleaners). This ends up being around .88 cents a bottle. Note: This is a concentrate. Mix 2-3 capfuls with water in spray bottle. If you're interested in wholesale prices, email me or learn more here. Or amazon link here.

God-Centered Mom Podcast:
My favorite thing to listen to when I'm folding laundry or on a run/walk (or if I'm ever in the car by myself). I have gathered so many little nuggets of encouragement and practical advice. Heather, the host, is adorable and super relatable. Here's one I especially loved with Sally Clarkson

And what I'm loving around the web:

Dos and Don'ts of Lent- Teressa Mackey 
Surviving Winter and Tidying Up- Jacey Verdicchio 
(a beautiful) Lent Study-
The Gospel + Romance- Jessi Connolly
(and for another hard laugh) Tripp visits Dave Ramsey 

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  1. I love these kind of posts and that you said what we all think/feel. Thx for doing the work for us! Love you little sis!!!