Where I've Been Lately {and lies i've believed}

I've sort of fallen off the blogging train. I keep saying, I’m done, but there's just always something that draws me back to this little space. Whether its truth God is teaching me or my spastic journey in learning to be a wife and mama—its always fun to share the evidences of God's grace.

So here's a little (real talk) update:

These last few months have been a doozy. I completely lost my footing. I blamed it on (late) postpartum depression, and rebalancing of hormones after nursing Ruthie. While it probably was a little of that, I believe there was a lot of darkness that crept in like the heaviest coat that I couldn't get out from under.

Lots of believing lies and lots of grace I wasn’t receiving. Lots of days I couldn’t figure out up from down and for the life of me could not get my rhythm back. I felt like I was a complete failure at life and had lost any sense of peace. And irritability was just my norm. Blah.

And of course… I was really good at believing I was the only Christian mama struggling (or yelling way too much…) 

Despair and lies. We really do think we're the only ones that battle them, don't we? Another lie.

If we believe the Bible is true, we know there is a battle for our hearts and lives. A Full on War. That on this side of Heaven, we will have to fight against he who seeks to devour. (1 Pet. 5:8) If you've lost your will to fight, phone a friend and ask them to fight and stand with you. Confess the lies and ask them to remind you of the truth.

I want to share more about that later—mainly because I think way more mamas (and non-mamas) struggle with this than we believe (Or see. Social media has a way of confusing us sometimes.)

Anywho, I’m still getting my stepping back. But thankfully, due to a large dose of prayer (of others), encouragement, the most gracious, servant-hearted, patient husband there ever was, and a new tiny obsession with running— I feel like my heart, mind and body are running on almost all cylinders.

I love how God is so patient with us. That His mercies are new every morning. That He can handle when we question His goodness.

And that He really does make all things beautiful. 

Okay, end mini sermon now.

Thanks for following along our little journey. It sure is a fun and messy one. I’ll be sharing more in the weeks to come—a few things I’m loving and reading and the THREE big things that I'm making sure happen to keep me sane.

Happy New Year, Friends! Spring is so so close!!!


  1. Great post and pic! love you!!!!

  2. Hey Lauren! I'm not sure if you remember me, but we had a few conversations (both in Poets and Bless) before I left for the World Race last July. I stumbled upon your blog today for the first time since I left the country. It seems as though it was perfect timing. I just wanted to say thank you. You're words are powerful and comforting, and the simple fact that you can declare them makes the struggle lose some of it's power. I may be half way around the world. I may not be a mama. But the fight is very much the same. Thank you for the encouragement to keep moving forward and trust His constant, patient love for us. Keep writing!

  3. Meagan! Your words are so kind and so encouraging :) I agree, even before I became a mom, the lies were loud and real and was something I thought i was so alone in. Praying for your heart today and for your ministry all the way AROUND the WORLD! My goodness, I hope to hang out with you when you come home, sister! Feel free to email me anytime if you're having a hard day "fighting". Blessings to you~L

  4. So glad you joined us for "Tuesday Talk"! Looking forward to getting to know you better!