a few firsts (an update)

I’m not sure how to jump in after not writing for 4 months, so here we go. We’ve had quite a bit of transition on the Crabtree home front...

This April marked our first year here in Tennessee.

As much as Jeremy and I love a good cup of coffee, we never would have dreamed this up. Buying a coffee shop (or Cookeville) were never really on our radar.  But oh my goodness, it could not be a better fit for our family and for Jeremy. I get a little misty-eyed thinking about how we ended up here and re-living each season. This year has held lots of joy and a fair share of hard— but when we look back, we are super grateful for God's hand so heavily on us.

We have truly fallen in love with our little town. Not to hate on the Lone Star state, but goodness, we had no idea how much we needed these hills and streams. When Jeremy told me that we may move to such a small town, I had a lot of conversations with God about it. I was certain God had a different plan for us that involved a few more commodities. (I'm aware that makes me sound super shallow).  But now, I’m not sure if I could ever live in a big city again, and am CERTAIN we have way more money in our bank account now that Target and Whole Foods are a day trip away.

Super cheesy, I know. I know. 

Another first...

After 6 years of marriage, 2 babies, 4 towns, 5 rentals, and 3 almost bought houses—we are finally homeowners. This is something my heart has longed for for years. A home that was ours, where we could make memories and really putting down roots. (and track the kids heights on a door frame, of course).

There was one week overlap to do some updates before we moved in, so after attempting to do some small renovations ourselves, we hired a small crew of  help that saved our sanity (and possibly our marriage). Painting, pulling up carpet, and knocking out walls with 2 toddlers running around will make anyone crazy. What not to do #1. (i'll post some before and after pics one of these days)

These last 6 years, we waited and prayed and had lots of closed doors when it came to buying a home. But looking back on all of our rental homes, duplexes, apartments, and living with friends—each have been perfect for that season and exactly what we needed. It just makes us appreciate this home all the more.

 painting these cabinets. almost the death of me. 
The moment we decided to hire help

Another first— This December will be our first time to be parents of THREE!

A week before we moved, we found out we were pregnant. There were a lot of emotions —mostly good, but a good bit of fear that crept in when I saw that pink plus sign. Fear of failure, of “can I do this?”, and the lie that I’m going to fall in the dark hole again after the baby gets here.

But after seeing that little nugget on an ultrasound last week, I’m already ready for #4. (lots of hormones going on over here). I am so thankful God blessed us with this child, and am so grateful for friends and family that are so good at speaking truth when my heart gets a little weary, weak, and skewed.

So thats our update, Friends. Hopefully, more about what’s been going on in my heart (and kitchen) to come. I always miss it when I don't write for a while. About once a week I think, “I want to blog about that,” but then I end up taking a nap.

Second Trimester energy rush — I’m ready for ya.

survived our FIRST camping trip

And Jeremy got a scooter. Thats right. A scooter. 

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