A few good reads from the web (and a belly pic)

The belly pic. Always feels a little awkward, but lets not overthink it. There’s a sweet baby in there-18 weeks old- and I just want to celebrate his/her little life for a sec. Haven’t had a whole lot of time to really process the reality of it, but we’re all getting more excited about it around here (although Jacob thinks a new baby means replacing Ruthie, so he refuses to talk about it.)  

I don’t have a ton of brain space or time, so when I do click on something, I want it to be really good (or at least entertaining.) So here are a few quick reads + links I've loved around the web lately: 

This has just about changed how I parent. Its long, but extremely powerful. I had to re-read just about every sentence and let it set in: Parenting Means Wrestling Demons

Jen Hatmaker making me laugh and cry in the same sentence again: 

Not that my house is super small, but on days I get a little ungrateful and think bigger is better...
I've kind of fallen in love with this gem of a blogger/podcaster, and recently discovered an old series she did on the Symptoms of Self and The Disease of Pride. I feel like we should be best friends. (click on image of Polaroid for series).

My Summer goal: be more creative (i.e. paint) So far, not so good, but this has me good and inspired: 

After Charleston, a heartfelt, powerful post that put words to a lot of my thoughts and feelings: 

For some beautiful (free) Scripture Printables: French Press Mornings

So, my bossy child actually has leadership traits and assertiveness (gone awry)? Love this: 

And a little food inspo going on the meal plan for next week: Paleo Twice Baked Breakfast Sweet Potatoes 
(Recipe found through my friend’s real food meal plans here

Happy reading, Friends. 

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