5 Things that are Working for Us

I had all kinds of heart-felt things I wanted to share today, but when I sat down, I felt like a 5 year old trying to write a term paper. So I opted for something on the lighter side— Things that are Working for me right now. I could have a much longer list if we were talking about things that aren’t working, but in my efforts to keep things positive, here are some things I’m loving (a topic I tend to talk about often).

I’ve been on the fence for a little while, but I did some research, and went through almost their whole website to see if it had things I used and if it was the cheapest—on both accounts it's a win. I'm looking at the membership fee ($6/month) as I would a $50 membership to Costco (with which we’re probably going to drop because we live so far. Sigh.) A few of my faves I know I'm saving big on: Nut Butter (a Costco favorite), Coconut Oil, and Rice Pasta— all of which we go through fast. (click here to learn more)

My long-distant friend convinced me to jump on the Voxer wagon. I'm always late to the party, so this may be like I'm telling you about Instagram. If not, It's like texting with voice mail. A walkie-talkie sort of. I don’t have to respond or listen right then and there, so a conversation can go throughout the day/week when I have pockets of time. Great when you want to text something long, or just chat on your own time table. (i.e. great for moms) Here's the app .

Pushing the reset button and getting away to take a few deep breaths is going into our yearly planning and budget. Period. It was the bit of advice we were given when we first got married and reinforced forcefully from some beloved friends and family once we had kids. Get away. Make it happen. Put it on the calendar, they said. Though it was quite a bit of work to pull off, Jeremy and I went to Nashville last week for 24 hours—it consisted of spending way too much money on (delicious) hipster food, watching Fixer-Upper marathon while it rained most of the day, and sitting by the pool reading the few hours it wasn’t. Perfect.

I sort of love TV.  I often start conversations with, “Did you watch the latest ____ episode?” and love talking about Downton Abby or Parenthood characters as though they were my friends. But to my frustration, TV is suffering. I hear the sound of my mom in my head as I've tried out shows lately—“Ohhh brother…” she (and I now) would say. It really is mostly trash (although I am sort of enjoying Astronaut Wives Club.) But now Seinfeld is on Hulu and we can all laugh and not be frustrated we wasted 20 minutes of our time.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me:
I got suckered into the 2 free book downloads from Audible. In my efforts to get a good laugh and take a break from Podcasts, I opted for Mindy Kaling's (from The Office) book and it has had me laughing out loud all week. If you have a long commute to work, get to go grocery shopping by yourself, or need a little entertainment while you fold laundry, you should indulge in this hilarious book. (also Bossypants by Tina Fey is equally entertaining).

Happy Weekend, Friends. Fall's so close, I can taste it (although, we're apparently only half way through Summer.) Either way, I'm pulling out the sweaters and boots to pretend.

add pizza on the porch to the list. 

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