Quick (video) Guide to Essential Oils for Cold/Flu Season

I haven't really blogged about health stuff in a long long time, but I wanted to hop on and post this little video I made for friends + family that have lots of questions this time of year about essential oils. I feel like since there is so much talk about oils, it can be a little overwhelming—so I made a really professional, high quality video to share tips and tricks we use in our home.

As I shared in the video— Essential Oils are not necessarily a quick fix/ silver bullet. While they are helping heal the body, there are so many things involved in getting (and staying) well (i.e. nutrition, stress, rest, exercise).

Here are a few (hopefully helpful) other posts I’ve done in the past on staying well… we don’t do all of these all of the time, we don't have a perfect diet, and we do still get sick, we just usually don't stay sick very long when we're good about jumping on the snotty noses and coughs early.

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