Back in the Saddle

So its been a while… almost a year to be exact. (insert big-eyed emoji). I’ve taken a fat break from blogging for a lot of reasons- (I won’t get into those right now), but lately I just keep feeling the tug to start writing again.

I’ve written drafts on my computer here and there this entire last year, but would always talk myself out of it. And usually by the time I had some brain space/energy when the kids were sleeping— watching an episode of Nashville always seemed like a better choice.

But God keeps tugging at my heart to share some things. So now that our little crew is starting to get into a rhythm (John’s 10 months! what??) I guess I’m ready to be obedient and see how God uses these random pockets of time when I get to sit down and write a sec.

Yesterday one of my favorite blogger-friends Lindsay jumped back on the wagon of writing after a long break. She talked about how she couldn’t shake the feeling she was supposed to start back, so she decided to silence the fears and get back at it. Her bravery (and maybe after reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly this last week) I welled up with all this courage to silence the voices in my head that say “this is so dumb”, and start doing one of the things I love—write and share. Even though its terrifying (because the internet and all) And even though I'm pretty sure blogging is a dying thing... (is it because you can basically blog on Instagram? Probably.) But because I like it (and am tired of worrying so much about what people think).

So here we go. I’ve been working it out in my head- the how and what, so here's where I've landed:

I want to share tidbit of our life, what I'm learning, things that I’m loving—a new recipe, a book, or some life-hack thats change my life. (thats always been my favorite thing to write/ read about). But here’s the part I’m SO excited about. I want to interview and share some of my favorite people with you. This has been something thats been on my heart for a while. I’ll embarrassingly admit that on a whim, I thought I’d start a podcast, but then I needed a nap just thinking about it. So for now, just some fun and encouraging Q&A with some of my friends. They’re all super normal and all love Jesus a lot.  Really, I just want to write something I would want to read! I don't want to over think it. So we'll see how this goes...

I've added a human since the last post, so meet John Burton. The squishy one in the middle 

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