5 Things for Friday

Okay Friends, I'm still trying to get into a rhythm of blogging—so I wanted to hop on and just share a few thoughts and some things I'm loving right now.

So it's December 2nd and I’m already needing to give myself lots of grace for getting caught up in “all the things." Dumb stuff— like being flustered my garland doesn't look just right, getting overwhelmed by expectations, and the kids (again) don't care about the Advent devotional (why do we do this to ourselves??). So I'm stopping myself, reeling it in, and just trying to be present with my people while we celebrate the gift of Jesus. Thats all. That's my only goal this Christmas (and watch as many Hallmark Christmas movies that I can.)

Okay, now the important stuff... 5 Things I'm loving right now ;)

1. Christmas PJs: Literally no one in town had christmas PJs. They had all been picked over, with none of my kids sizes. Was I the only person that dropped the ball and didn't buy them in November? You planners always amaze me. If you're like me, snag these on Amazon for $16 today and they should get there by Monday. Win.

2. Elderberry/Zinc Drops: 'Tis the season for trying not to get sick. These guys are great to take when you’re just starting to feel run down. My kids think they’re candy, so when the snotty noses start- these are an easy immune booster. I’m going to do a post next week on some other things we take and do this time of year.

3. Every Dollar App: December is probably not the month to start this, but if anything—it will point out when you have already spent too much on your kids for Christmas. We are terrible budgeters, and we’ve just jumped on this Dave Ramsey app to help us track it. It is free if you want to enter in your own spending or $10 if you want to link it to your credit card or bank account so that every dollar is allocated. I was a little annoyed it cost money, but I knew I wouldn't take the time to enter all my purchases. So easy and extremely eye opening to see where my money goes. (Target + Chick-fil-a)

4. The Nightingale: So my goal this Winter is to read some fiction by the fire. I'm usually brain dead by 7:30pm, so we'll see how this goes. After the 100th person recommended this book, I decided it must be worth my time.

5. And lastly, I just need to make sure you’ve heard this song.

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