What I Want for Christmas {AND Gift Guide!)

Because I love my husband, and gift giving totally stresses him out—I made him a list of links he could choose from to give him a little help. In my mind, I'm so easy to buy for—grab me a pretty mug, a cute journal, or anything in the Target dollar section and you've won my heart. But he needs specifics (I know, not as fun.) But again, I love him, so I'm going to make it easy on him this year.

I thought I'd just turn this into a fun post—Some things I like, and some ideas if you too need to help your man out ;)  Also, some ideas for the guys + kids in your life if you're running low on inspiration.  'Tis the Season, Friends.

For the Girls:
FashionABLE Abera Crossbody Tote:
I have had my eye on a Fashionable Bag for yeaaars. But due to the stage of life I am in, I have just held on to the, now, 5 year old diaper bag with all kinds of stains, sippy cup residual, and graham cracker crumbs from 2013. I actually want the Cognac color of this bag, but for the sake of stains and Ruthie's apt to taking a pen to everything, I put the black on my wish list. (also, this company is amaaazing. Giving women dignified work- internationally + locally)
Magazine Subscription: I love magazines. I love reading articles, looking at pretty things, and just holding actual paper instead of my phone sometimes. What I really want is a subscription to US Magazine, because I really like reading trash—but instead, I'm going to go with something I don't feel guilty about.  ( I have my eye on a new mag called Naturally, . Other good ones I'd love in my mailbox: Garden and Gun, Magnolia Journal, Southern Living, Well Being Journal, and Eating Well). Such a good gift idea, right?

Copper Kettle: This with my white kitchen... Be still my heart. Hate that its so expensive, but I found this similar one on the World Market website- but not for online purchase. Boo.  #smalltownprobz

L.L.Bean Slippers: Literally the best investment I've ever made in a pair of house shoes. They've lasted me going on 5 years. They're cute, keep my feet warm (not too warm) and so comfortable. You should ask for these over any of the other things.
Pioneer Woman Cooks: Dinnertime + The Southerner's Cookbook: I feel the same way about magazines as I do cookbooks—I heart paper. The Pioneer Woman's cookbooks are my favorite because of the pictures—I need to see what it looks like to thicken the sauce or how finely I should chop that onion. Why are there not more cookbooks like hers?? And then I've had a crush on The Southerner's Cookbook for a while. It's beautiful.

The Instant Pot:
I've been on the fence about this one, but I feel like it would fit my lifestyle in that it cooks so fast (like a roast cooks in 40 min!!?)  I forget to start dinner until 5pm most nights, so this was made for me. (Here's a little breakdown of what it can do here.)

Le Creuset Dutch Oven: 
Holy Moly, this is by far the Cadillac of cookware!! I am certain my food would taste better out of this baby. I've always wanted a Le Creuset, but could never justify the price tag. This would be a good "grown up gift" or maybe your one "big gift."

Nashville Wax Co. Good candles are my love language. I've always loved beeswax candles because they purify the air and are completely non-toxic (more on that here). These are the only beeswax candles I've found scented only with essential oils. The crunchy side of me has all the heart eyes for this company—and its fun that it's a local, small business. Everybody wins.


Tennessee Outfitters Gear: 
This is a shameless plug for my husbands new business.  Below are the best sellers—my personal favorite (and my kids) is the Stanley Flask (for juice.) There's some fun "manly" stuff on the site, great for stocking stuffers.

New Morning Mercies:
My husband went through this book this year and loved it. Short, sweet, and totally gospel-centered. (not just for guys)

Leather Desk Journal: 
I think this is such a good gift. My husband gave these out as groomsmen gifts at our wedding, and it's been a gift we've given a lot since then. Great weight, lays well, and nice paper.

And few for the kids: 

Snow Bib:
Okay, this is my secret to Winter. You throw this over the kids clothes or PJs and there's no excuse for not going outside. Its a lazy mom's dream. This, Walmart winter boots, and a Puff Jacket from Costco and they. are. set. (and its only $20!)

Good Good Father Book:  I read it at Lifeway and cried. So sweet. This will def be under the tree.

The kids got these last year from my mom, and they're hands down one of my favorite things they have. All of my kids (5, 3, 1) will sit and play with them forever. They're pricey, but definitely something they'll play with for years to come. 

That was fun ;) 

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