Where God Meets Me {the playlist we have on repeat}

For years, whenever I've been in a funk, discouraged, or stuck in my head believing lies— God has continually used music—full of truth—to meet me where I am and redirect my heart.

It's funny, there have been times my heels have been dug in hard, and there's nothing in me that want's to trust the Lord or look to Him— and its like wa-baam. I hear a song, truth is sung over me—and I straight up can't avoid His kind, gentle draw back to Himself.  It happens all. the. time.

I re-remember The Gospel I've forgotten, and that Jesus is near and is good. 

EVEN if it doesn't always seem like it in that moment—somehow when I hear truth, I start believing truth—and slowly start trusting Jesus in whatever junk I'm in.

Worship take my eyes of me and puts them on Jesus—and it changes everything. 

So when the walls of our house feel like they're caving in, I'm getting stuck in my head over something, and the kids (and I) are getting bratty—we crank that music on, truth is sung over us, and I swear our home is different. 

So below, I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. The songs that my family are probably sick of me playing—but songs The Lord has so met me in lately.

I hope they are so encouraging to you where you are!

(Also, yes, God meets me in His Word first and foremost—but I need all the encouragement I can get. Thats why I love finding music thats super Gospel-centered and Scripture-heavy)

If you're a Spotify-lover, here's a longer playlist of my favorites here.

No matter how rugged the terrain we’re crossing, how dark the night, or how many the flaming arrows of the enemy, the SINGING army of God DECLARES ITS TRUST IN JESUS— the Commander who will lead us to overwhelming victory and lasting peace. 
-Bobby and Kristen Gilles
(don't you love that!?)

Audrey Aussad's songs just about bring me to my knees. These are my 2 favorite right now. On repeat.

Oh my heavens. Psalm 23 all over this song and I just can't stop listening to it. 
Met by Love-United Pursuit

I love Ellie's music. Scriptural, Jesus-centered, and at some point always makes me tear up. That girl loves Jesus, and its contagious. Her new album's fantastic. (get it here)

This has been my go-to song for a while now. My favorite line is—Where sin runs deep//your grace runs deeper—Heavens to Betsy. So powerful.

Oh my lands All Songs and Daughter's New album is so sweet. This one and Creation Sings have become some of my faves.

Jacob requests this song to be on repeat after hearing it on the radio. At first I thought it was a little cheesy—now, it makes me tear-up every time I hear it. He has no idea what he's yelling out in the backseat is the truest thing.
Listened to this song so much in my pregnancy with Ruthie, and a tough season after she was born. Jacob, 3 years later, still knows every word to this song. When I hear, it about gives me chills remembering God's goodness. It makes every playlist ;)

This one's on my running mix (I mean walking)—love it. This entire album is amazing.

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  1. Just made some updates to my Worship playlist. Thanks for sharing. And as always, your new blog post comes at just the right time - as does our sweet Savior.

    Love you!